Today Calls for
a Celebration.

At Sister Schubert’s, we believe a delicious, buttery roll can make every day feel like a special occasion. So, let’s celebrate over a no-fuss, homemade meal.

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    Real Recipes

    Sister’s family bread recipes have been tested and perfected over six generations.

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    Real Quality

    No artificial flavors. No artificial colors. Just real ingredients selected by Sister herself.

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    Really Fast

    Always frozen fresh and ready to bake in minutes.

Real Homemade Taste Made Real Easy

Real Homemade Taste Made Real Easy

Sister Schubert’s helps you add the amazing taste of real, homemade bread to any meal in minutes – using only high-quality ingredients – with no artificial flavors and colors.

parker house

Parker House Style Yeast Rolls

The original rolls that started it all! Sister Schubert’s Parker House Style Yeast Rolls have 0g trans fat, no preservatives and no artificial flavors and real butter.

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Customers Love
Our Rolls

My family eats these dinner rolls every Sunday, no matter what we have. Found them at the store on a whim, while just shopping. If a particular store doesn’t have them I will travel to find them. Great job!
These rolls have so many uses. They can be a dinner roll with butter/jam or you can slice them and use as a slider bun - Simply delicious!
My mom used to make me these and I would eat them anytime of the day, super soft and doughy. Recommend 100/10 - BEST ROLLS

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Homemade Recipes

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Food that Feels like Home

There's nothing like baking food you love for the ones you love. And at Sister Schubert's, we aim to make getting your family around the table a little easier. Our baked breads taste homemade without all the hassle—making them perfect for any occasion.